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Angelic Workshops

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Connecting With Your Guardian Angels:  Through guided meditations, you’ll determine how many guardian angels accompany you, learn their name(s) embrace their specific messages of guidance, inspiration & comfort.  You’ll also review a brief history of the existence of Angels, know the difference between Guardian Angels, Archangels & Spirit Guides and recognize multiple ways your guardian angels can communicate with you.

Color Therapy: Color is all around us.  Its brilliance surrounds us in nature, expresses our personalities & style choices.  Color can also be therapeutic & can heal various areas of your life.  Within this workshop you’ll learn specific healing properties of color, how to use color more in your life, map out a color healing for the month, receive a collective Color Therapy Reading.

Discovering Your Earth Angel Realm:  Learn about the different Lightworker realms you might be linked to from past lives.  These realms can explain your personality and shed light on your life purpose.  Through a guided survey, you’ll discover which realm you’re connected to and understand the characteristics of that realm.

Angelic Communication: Your angels are always around you 24/7, sending you messages and signs throughout the day.  You can receive their guidance in various ways.  This workshop will help you discover what your angelic communication style you most respond to involving the “Four Clairs” -- Do you receive  messages through sight, hearing, feeling or knowing?  A guided survey will be taken and a review of the Clairs will be explained as well.

***Please Note: All Angelic Workshops are for entertainment purposes only & not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any condition. Please see licensed psychiatrist or counselor for diagnosis & treatment.***
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